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It does not stand heat, especially brushing or hot water. Sleeping with the wig must be avoided, except on a silk pillowcase. It is the most used fiber, with an enormous choice of colours. Its optimal length of use is 6 months.

  • Concept C (see Photo Below)
  • 96 Grams
  • 20.9 cm/20.9cm/15.9cm
  • Comes in variety of colours & shades


Concept C


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Product Description

The NJ collection builds on the experience and know-how of a genuine French wig makers. Our Collection has been conceived, developed and designed in France by our chief designers and our creative teams. our models benefit from the latest technology dedicated to your comfort and the holding of our wigs.

NJ Antislip© is a revolutionary concept which guarantees and absolute security: the wig does not move and you do not feel any pressure.

Bien Être Fusion© Concept: the fixing of your skin or your hair is made thermocontact with a antislip and antibacterial material.

Modulocap© : the dept and cup size are adjusted to fit perfectly the shape of your head


Additional Information

Wig Colour

10-14H, 24-18T, 24-18T/P30/23A, 29 S 132, 30*, 33-27T, 33/135, 4.8-12/26T, 56/60, 9/2*, BLACK, Blended R12A-26T, Blended R12A-30/15/25T, Blended R14-10/23T, Blended R33/132T, Blended R4.1-26T, Blended R4.8-8/14T, Blended R8-8/33-27T, Blended R8A/12-14//26T, Blended R8A/12-24-18T, Blended R8A12-30/15/25T, Blended RL4/74, Blond 10/23, Blond 12, Blond 12/23, Blond 14, Blond 14/26, Blond 14A/24, Blond 2/4, Blond 200, Blond 234, Blond 234/23A, Blond 23A/26, Blond 24-18T/234, Blond 24/18T, Blond 25, Blond 26, Blond 30, Blond 30/15/25, Blond 30/4.8/25, Blond 81-101, Blond 88R, Blond 88R/200, BLOND 8A/14/26, Blond 9/1, Blond B63, Blond BF/1/9/1, Blond BRF-F-F101, Blonde 234/26, Blonde 24-18T/P30/23A, BRF-F101, Brown 10, Brown 10/14H, Brown 2/4, Brown 4/6, Brown 4/8, Brown 5/1, Brown 5/12-B10H, Brown 6/1, Brown 8, Brown 8/14, Brown 8/33-27T, Brown 8/KN7, Brown 8A/12, Brown 8A/14/26, Grey 24/60, GREY 37, GREY 38, Grey 43, GREY 44, Grey 44-51-56H, Grey 51, Grey 51-56-60H, Grey 56, Grey 60, KN7, NJ8/132, NOIR, R4.8-12-14/26T, R8-8/33-27T, R8A/12-30/15/25T, Red 13/240TT, Red 13H240, Red 24D123, Red 24D123T, Red 33, Red 33-32T, red 33-32T, Red 33-32T/8, Red 6133, Red 744, Red 8/135, Red BR3/5/15, Red BR3/5/L5, Red W33/28


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