At Evolve Ireland we offer a number of services, not only to our present clients, but also to prospective clients.

Free Hair Check

This is done at the consultation stage. We check all clients’ hair with our microscopes, which will give us a good indication of the health of the follicles. This service not only applies to clients who are experiencing Male or Female Pattern Baldness but also to clients with Alopecia and other types of Hair Loss.

Template Fitting

This is the first step in the Hair Replacement procedure. Our consultants at Evolve, along with our Stylists, will take a template of the area that we need to cover. Each client will have their own individual template as the area to be covered will vary from client to client. We will then match up a colour and decide on the density and length of the hair. If a client would like to get a system with highlights or any other style involving two or more colours, we would decide on them at the template stage and incorporate them into the system. Once the details have been finalized, the order will take between 10 to 12 weeks to complete, depending on length of hair and the number of systems ordered.


This is when we receive the system and arrange for the client to visit for their fitting. This process will take anything from 2 to 3 hours, during this procedure, we will bond the system to the clients scalp and cut, style and blend the system according to the clients’ wishes. We also take bookings to fit systems from Non Client’s @ a cost of €180.00. If you wish to avail of this service, please make it clear when you are making the reservation.


This is done on a 2,3 or 4 weekly basis. During a re-fusion, we remove the system completely. Wash the clients scalp and clean their system. We then use an exfoliate to remove any excess dry skin if needed. Then we re-bond and style the system. This process, takes about one and a half to two hours, we can also provide this service to non-clients. please call to discuss


We offer this service mainly to clients wearing partial systems, who do their own maintenance. If the client is just looking to tidy up their glandular hair with a quick dry cut. We can also offer this service to non-clients by appointment only

Colours and Highlights

As we age our natural hair can fade or turn to grey. When wearing a partial system, you may notice that your natural hair & the system colour differs. As part of your regular maintenance you can choose to add colour or highlights to either system/ natural hair or both. We also offer colour & highlights to Non-clients by appointment only.


Whilst we offer the best quality systems they are subject to wear & tear. We would advise you purchase at least two systems initially but if a system needs minor repairs we can offer this service onsite at an additional cost. When we remove the clients’ system, we will be able to ascertain whether or not we can repair the system.


If your system is coming to the end of its life, you may experience some hair shedding. If you would like to extend the life of your system, you can do so by getting more hair re-vented into it. For this service we need to return the system to the manufacturer and takes approx. 6 weeks. It is necessary to remove the system to see if it is viable. All systems that are re-vented are subject a Re-venting charge and cut in fee.

Female Price List

Female Systems From €800
Cut in/Fitting €170
Maintenance/Re-fusions From €75


Available Hair Types: Virgin Braid, European, Brazilian, Chinese & Indian Remy

Male Price List

Male Systems From €700
Cut in/Fitting €170
Maintenance/Re-fusions From €75


Available Hair Types: Virgin Braid, European, Brazilian, Chinese & Indian Remy