If you are suffering from any type of hair loss, from Alopecia or Male/Female pattern baldness to Trichotillomania or Hypertrichosis, we have the most realistic answer to your problem. Using the latest methods in Non-Surgical Hair Re-placement, we can create the ultimate replacement system, using an extremely fine, porous membrane and real human hair. The system will be individually tailor made to suit each client. We will match hair colour, length and style so we can seamlessly blend it in to your own existing hair. If you are experiencing complete hair loss, we can create a full replacement system, re-developing your old hair line.

With the finished results you can run your hands through your hair with confidence knowing your hair feels & looks great. Your new hair will not affect your lifestyle, you can swim, run, dance or continue any of your usual sports & showers as you would normally.

The hair system is created, by hand with hair strands grafted in directions that make it natural and flowing & with proper care & maintenance you will get great results every time.

Our experienced hair stylists cut your new systems in to your existing hair giving a natural blended finish. You can choose a style you had previously or radically change your look and colour, anything is possible. Our stylist will offer advice on styles & maintenance. You can bring a picture from a book or magazine if you prefer. We offer you a before & after shot so you can see the real changes at a glance.

Like with anything new to the body there will be a period of adjustment, for some it is a day or two, others might take a little longer, we will always be here to reassure you and talk you through any questions or issues you may have.

If you follow this link, you will see for yourself how undetectable and realistic our systems are!!