How long will my system last?

This depends greatly on your lifestyle and what type of system you decide on. Typically you will require 1-2 systems per year with regular maintenance at Evolve.

How much does it cost?

Prices range from €700 depending on the system, hair type and size.

How long does will my custom order take?

Our Custom made hair system typically take 14-16 weeks to be handmade

We also offer stock systems which can be customised to the necessary shape with 2-3 weeks.

Our In-Stock systems can be fitted on the same day of ordering without alteration.

Why would you recommend two systems?

Rotating your hair systems will extend the life of each system, it will also reduce your maintenance time needed in the clinic as we can have your second system ready for you. You will also have the peace of mind knowing should anything happen to one of your systems you have a backup.

How long are the appointment times?

Consultation 1 hour
Refusions 1-2 hours
Fittings 2-3 hours
Permanent make up 3 hours
Teeth whitening 1 hours
All these above times are guidelines, as each individual will vary.

Is there maintenance involved?

Yes your system will require regular maintenance, our super strong bonds are designed to last 3-5 weeks. This hold time will vary between clients, due to skin types and physical activity, the more regular the maintenance the better your system will look and feel, it will also extend the life of your system.

Have you any Before & After photos?

Can I swim and exercise with my new system?

Yes, our ultra-hold bonds will ensure a strong hold at all times and can take whatever life throws at it, you can rest assured your system will not come off within its time limits.